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Making money is the object of any business but ‘Health and Safety’ is just as important. It’s important because if you allow complacency to set in, thinking an accident is ‘not going to happen’, its best thinking again because accidents and incidents do happen. 

Statistics for 2015/16 show there were 622.000 non-fatal injuries and 144 fatalities. 

If there was an accident in your organisation because of no ‘duty of care’ through negligence, not only will you have to deal with the Health and Safety Enforcing Authority, but also Injury Lawyers. Your organisation could be heavily fined, shut down, face bankruptcy and in severe cases, face imprisonment. 

Direct costs liability insurance will cover:  




In-direct costs liability insurance might not cover: 

Lost production 

Staff absence 

Cleaning up site

Damage to products

Emergency supplies

Investigation time and remedial action 

Increase in insurance premiums 

Fine and damages awarded 

Court and other legal representation  

Loss of business image and lost orders · 

Effect on employees moral resulting in reduced productivity  

SJS Health and Safety Services can advise if your business activities comply with Health and Safety Legislation enabling your organisation to stay pro-active. This in return will help your business prosper by having lower insurance premiums, higher profit margins, safer place to work leading to higher morale.  

Your organisation may well have risk assessments and controls in place but a second pair of eyes may see something you don’t. There could be hazards overlooked waiting to happen, which is why it would be advisable to get professional advice for verification that all hazards have been risk assessed, documented and the correct controls put in place. 

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